Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Toronto Restaurant Review: Canyon Creek Chophouse

9 oz with baked potato and vegetables
Ever have one of those nights when you're leaving a cocktail party in the Entertainment/Financial District and you realize you're still really really hungry but are dressed too nicely and have stood too long in heels to want to grab "a quick bite" ? 

I know, I know, #FirstWorldProblems (or maybe #TorontoProblems). 

I have a suspicion that many of the clientele that night that joined us at Canyon Creek Chophouse may have had the same idea. With a lack of viable foodie options that we could think of in the area, we just took out some iPhones, used the Urbanspoon and OpenTable apps and rolled the dice, and there we were.

This place is a chain. And I don't usually review chains but what the heck. There was nothing wrong with the food or service. The doneness of the steaks was appropriate, we got what we ordered, and the server was professional and slightly witty. Everything was as it should have been. But if you're expecting to get Keg-quality steakhouse chain, you will be disappointed. Particularly notable disappointments: the boiled brocoli, the inappropriately large (and off the tips) piece of lettuce I got for my burger, and the cold crème brulées. 

Freddy and his bacon-wrapped filet mignon
Mark and his burger and sweet potato fries
Sean, Annie and Andrea: Chu Crew veterans
Regardless of what we ate, however, this was a very special evening because Andrea, Sean and I were reunited in a Chu Crew mission. We brought our friends Mark and Freddy along for the ride to round out a great table with great conversation and five large servings of beef in its various forms. With the hilarity that Freddy brought, I think it's fair for me to say that I don't really remember or cared what the food actually tasted like. The restaurant served its purpose!

Rating: 2.5/5

Canyon Creek Chophouse on Urbanspoon

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